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Hi and welcome, my name is Michael Innes and I am a professional photographer.

Although photography has been an interest of mine since I was a child, my journey into a career as a photographer began later in life, and was proceeded by various other careers which I feel have added greatly to who I am as a person and  photographer. These careers include, chef, garage owner and custom painter, youth worker and IT consultant. My 11 years as youth worker are invaluable in my children and family portrait business, which is the main focus of my photography work.

I enjoy the great outdoors with nature and landscape photography being my other photography passion, though like my portrait work I am finding myself drawn more and more to seeing this world in black and white. Black and white images just seem to suck a viewer into the subject and immerse them in the details, don’t get me wrong I still love a colour, but you will find more black and white images in my portfolio.

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What you can find here

Having reached my little part of the internet, what can expect to find here?

First off this not my business site, this can be found at The aim of this site is as a personal blog that will deal with subjects that are of interest me. This will of course include photography, but also my other interests such as cooking which combines well with photography so I will be doing some food photography alongside reviews, articles and recipes. I also enjoy fishing, but have another site dedicated to this pastime at

I am beginning to explore the world of street and social photography so my progress in these areas will be added to the site.

Checkout the Blog and Gallery sections for more content and I hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to seeing you again.

Michael Innes

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